Women’s Congress

The Women’s Congress of the National Primitive Baptist Convention is a body of Christian women serving in 18 states. The primary focus of this Congress is to lead Primitive Baptist women in systematic Bible study, leadership training and scholarships to assist youth in furthering their education. The Women Congress movement is  assembled under five auxiliaries:  Matrons, Ministers Wives and Widows; Mothers and Deaconesses; Women of the Church and Health and Wellness. The officers of the Women Congress are:


Mother Sandra Ming


1st Vice President                 

Deaconess Taleah Hill


2nd Vice President                 

Peggy Miller               

3rd Vice President                   

Sister Carolyn McCray

Recording Secretary               

Sister Emma Moore


Asst Recording Secretary       

Sister Shirley Lewis



Sister Elizabeth Strong




Sister Peggy Miller


The Matrons auxiliary provides continuous development for spiritual life of married and marriage age women through a progressive and educational involvement in the church at all levels.

Women of the Church

Sister Jerrlyne Jackson


The Women of the Church  promotes mentorship and inspiration to  women who are maturing  and  are ready to accept more Christian responsibilities in the life of a Christian woman as she renders greater service in these changing times.

Mothers and Deaconesses

Mother Joanna Little


Mothers and Deaconess share the importance of training women in systematic bible study, daily prayer, family accountability and definite personal service.

Ministers Wives and Widows

Sister Gwen Weatherspoon


Ministers Wives and Widows are trained in their spiritual development and Christian walk to inspire and support  their spouse as he labors in the building of the kingdom of God. 

Health and Wellness

Sister Joyce Evans


The Health and Wellness auxiliary is responsible for providing health tips for the well being of the Christian.