Precepts For Living  Pastor (Large Print + Sermon Notes) 2022-2023

Precepts For Living Pastor (Large Print + Sermon Notes) 2022-2023

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Precepts For Living Pastor’s Edition prepares you to encourage your entire congregation—not just the Sunday School crowd!—to make Bible study a priority during the week. Whether it’s at Sunday School, midweek Bible study, another small group gathering, or family devotions, God’s people profit from regular exposure to His Word.

Precepts For Living Pastor’s Edition enables you, as pastor, to preach one or more Sunday sermons. By doing this, you help strengthen each congregant in his or her understanding and application of God’s Word.

We envision this Precepts For Living  Pastor’s Edition being used along with the Precepts For Living Annual Commentary. The sermons in this volume correlate with the Bible studies in Precepts For Living. That way your sermons can be reinforced by Bible studies in Sunday School or other small groups. In this edition, we anticipate that you will appreciate these sermons presented as outlines and full texts. Additionally, we have included a sampling of sermons for special days.

Even if you choose to develop your own sermon from the weekly Bible text, we believe this edition will prove invaluable and will certainly be a catalyst for your preaching.