Precepts For Living LARGE PRINT 2024-2025

Precepts For Living LARGE PRINT 2024-2025

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A Masterful Tool Used for Easy Understanding of God’s Word

 The Precepts For Living commentary will enhance personal study—and the impact of Bible teaching—with powerful, life-transforming insights, an amazing depth of study, and instructional resources. Precepts For Living provides parallel KJV and NLT translations, in-depth historical, biographical, and geographic insights, newly enhanced discussion and Bible application, and Greek and Hebrew word studies.   

  • Newly enhanced discussion and Bible application
  • Parallel KJV/NLT translations
  • In-depth historical, biographical, and geographic insights
  • Greek and Hebrew word studies 


Liberating Lesson Section

In each lesson there is a Liberating Lesson to replace the Lesson In Our Society. This section is dedicated to highlighting parallels and or applications to modern life that are reflected in the Bible. This section challenges us to consider how the scriptures relate to our modern society and asks us to respond individually, collectively, and as a community to God’s Word. There is a special emphasis on social justice or justice implications in Christian Scripture that the Liberating Lesson brings to the forefront.

Application for Activation Section

 In each lesson there is an Application For Activation to replace the Make It Happen. This section provides guidance for practical application the reader or the local church could pursue in response to the lesson to take the lesson from information to living activation.

Teaching Tips Essays

Take advantage of our new Teaching Tips Essays, which give insight for engaging your class and helping your students grow each quarter. They are tailored for adult learners, but many of the concepts work for instructing other ages as well. Below are some additional tips for making your students effective disciples of Jesus.

Variety in Perspective Essays

The Perspective Essays for the quarters include a scholarly essay, devotional, personal reflection, and a Jewish Insight.